Industrial/technical sector

The key to success are motivated and well qualified employees. Therefore, our own education and the further training of our staff are of high value for our company. The Heinrich Kördel GmbH is an officially recognized company for apprenticeships belonging to the chamber of industry and commerce Kassel-Marburg.


Professional driver

Location: Guxhagen, Bottrop
Duration: 3 years
Vocational school: Oskar von Miller Schule, Kassel
Training Place: Guxhagen

Basic information of apprenticeship:
  • Acquisition of license for categories B + C + CE in own driving school
  • Training of correct handling of dangerous goods
  • Acquisition of forklift license
  • Modules of the German Driver’s Qualification Act

Your tasks:
  • Transport of goods with all kind of vehicles
  • Cargo securing
  • Maintenance and smaller repairs at vehicles
  • Operating of forklift trucks and cranes

Your skills and qualifications:
  • Technical interest
  • Flexibility
  • Resilience under time pressure
  • High understanding and sense of responsibility
  • Unknown things/situations are a challenge for you
  • Required age 16 years


Motor vehicle mechatronics engineer

Location: Guxhagen, Bottrop
Duration: 3,5 years
Vocational school: Radko Stöckl Schule, Melsungen (Location Guxhagen), Berufskolleg Essen (Location Bottrop)

Your tasks:
  • Maintenance and repair of vehicles for the commercial transport of passengers or goods
  • Inspection and diagnosis of technical systems of vehicles
  • Error diagnosis
  • Equipping of vehicles with trailers, additional systems and special equipment
  • Conducting of test drives

Your skills and qualifications:
  • Technical understanding (especially in mechanical and electronical areas)
  • Team-capability
  • Perseverance and accuracy
  • Motivation and commitment at workplace
  • Flexibility


FOS-internship in motor vehicle sector (in combination with specialized secondary school)

Location: Guxhagen (warehouse, workshop)
Duration: 1 year

Matin Lilienthal
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